This series of Monsters was created from that old leather jacket or skirt that no one bought at the thrift store, or was abandoned in the closet of a friend or relative. Using the character and charm that can only come from well-worn leather, Monsters are born from these recycled materials. The structures are made of wood, metal, and plastic, often with hands that mechanically grip, and joints that bend. Sand bags are added for fat and muscle. Finally they are ‘skinned’ in leather win innumerable stitches done by hand. Glass eyes that are used in taxidermy, and elements of nature, such as cat whiskers and thorns give them their distinctive personalities. In most cases, they are the size and weight of a baby. Each piece takes approximately one to four weeks to make.


Engaging, with a dark yet playful human aspect, I explore what gives existence its life spark, melding together a combination of fine art, taxidermy, and stuffed animals. I am interested in the psychological concept of personal monsters that inhibit us from achieving the goals we face throughout our lives. The obsessive hand stitching is tantamount to the time we spend on our own personal issues. The work also refers to a similar concept that is found in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein- of the neglect of responsibility that takes place in the overwhelming procurement of power. It’s a juxtaposition of internal trepidations of all human narratives and external impediments, displayed for all to see. In turn taking away the scariness of these monsters, and making them personal, sympathetic, and … Alive.


These monsters were shown and sold originally at the Enchanted Forest in SOHO, NYC. Then were shown and sold at FOA Schwarz in NYC.

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